Jason Voorhees is the Serial Killer and the Antagonist of the Friday the 13th: The Game who hunts down and kills the Counselors who enter the camp. This version is based on his Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter movie appearance and he can be unlocked at Level 44.


Billed to be the end of the series, the final chapter delivers a thrilling resolution, if not an ending. Part IV is perhaps most notable for two things, the first being Crispin Glover. His dance to woo one of the twins is one of the most idiosyncratic and perplexing dances in all of Cinema. On a more important note, the final chapter introduced to canon the mask-obsessed Tommy Jarvis played by burgeoning star Corey Feldman. By ingenuity or madness, Tommy dresses up as a young boy-Jason in the final confrontation and delivers the mortal machete blows that would send Jason to his temporary grave.


Part 4 Jason has the same clothes as his Part 3 Jason appearance but is a little darker in tone. His skin is now a dirtier grayish-pink tone, the top triangle Chevron Decal on his mask is half removed along with the left and right side chevrons completely removed and there is a bloody slash wound across the upper right side of his mask.

Unmasked: Part 4 Jason has his right brown eye nearly rolled behind his eye socket and is bloodshot red, but his blue eye is perfectly fine in place, but his axe wound is dried up with blood and if soaked in the rain it would look moist, his left ear is normal but his right side face appears skin-wrapped and his right ear is more deformed and lower as his lower jaw is broken appearing to be a hinged jaw with teeth rearranged.


Part 4 Jason Voorhees wields his iconic Pig Splitter which is his primary weapon until reaching level 113 for the Weapon Swapping and comes with its own various weapon specific kills with the Weapon itself not being tied to the specific Jason that is selected.

Powers and Abilities



  • Part 4 Jason movie actor was Ted White where he appeared in Friday the 13th Part 4: The Final Chapter.
  • Jason from Part 4 despite having a massive axe wound and previous injuries that could kill an average man is still a human which gives him the ability to Run like Part 2 Jason and Part 3 Jason.
  • Ted white stated he wanted a more serious version of Jason for Part 4 and hence why his portrayal of Jason was so brutal and aggressive.
  • Joseph Zito the Director of Part 4 had said that Ted Whites Jason is Undead, despite the film showing otherwise.
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