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Savini Jason is an exclusive reward for the backers that supported the game early on. Special/make-up effects guru Tom Savini created this Jason to reflect what Jason may have looked like after he returned from Hell.


Jason emerges from Hell clutching a pitchfork he pried from the hands of Lucifer himself. Savini's concept is a terrifying, unforgettable take on the king of slashers.


Jason is badly wounded, deep gashes cover his body, and his skin is burned beyond recognition.

He is also wearing his Part 9 clothing with the addition of a more torn up shirt, chains around his torso and a handcuff on his wrist after escaping from hell.


Savini's Jason Voorhees wields Lucifer's Trident as his signature weapon.

Powers and Abilities

Savini's Jason Voorhees just like all the other Jason's still has the primary abilities to use Shift, Morph, Sense, Stalk, and Rage.


  • Tom Savini himself created this specific version of Jason Voorhees for the game backers with the help of Robbie Daymond.
  • This is the only Jason to use a Trident as a weapon in the game.
  • Kane Hodder also motion captured Savini Jason.
  • Savini Jason is one of the most facially disfigured Jason's in the game followed by Part 9 Jason, Part 8 Jason, and Part 7 Jason.