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Perks are a major part of giving you an edge when playing. Every game you play will award experience points that will help you level up. As you level up, you will gain Customization Points that will allow you to unlock various perks for each of your counselors. You'll be able to equip three at a time.

The number of perks that a counselor can use is only 3 with the capabilities of holding over 30 of them.

How it Works:

Old System: The older system involved no numbers and majority of the colors were dull and where users have to spend 500 CP to Roll a Perk.

New System: Wes on Rolling Perks

Perk Ranks

  1. Poor
  2. Common
  3. Uncommon
  4. Rare
  5. Epic
  6. Legendary

Note: Ranks are randomly given when purchased and percentages are also randomly generated so there is no real determined concept at the moment.

Selling Perks

Within Friday the 13th: The Game there is the ability for players to actually sell their perks for Customization Points by going over to the selected Perk and by hitting the sell perk on PC or if you are on console by hitting the triangle button on PS4 or the X button on the Xbox One.

  • Poor: 100 CP
  • Common: 200 CP
  • Uncommon: 300 CP
  • Rare: 400 CP
  • Epic: 500 CP
  • Legendary: 1,000 CP

List of Known Perks

Perk Name
Adrenaline Rush
Controlled Breathing
Easy Listening
Escape Artist
Grease Monkey
Heavy Hitter
Heavy Mover
Heavy Sleeper
Ice Cold
Lead Foot
Level Headed
Light Foot
Lone Wolf
Low Profile
Man At Arms
My Dads A Cop
Nerves of Steel
Night Owl
Potent Ranger
Quiet Swimmer
Spatial Awareness
Speed Demon
Sucker Punch
Swift Attacker
Thick Skinned
Weapon Expert (Unreleased)

Legendary Perk Range

Perk Name Bonus Range
Adrenaline Rush Total Stamina 1-3
Aquanaut Avoid Sense While Swimming 2-5
Controlled Breathing Overall Fear Reduction 1-3
Easy Listening Total Stamina 1-3
Escape Artist Avoid Sense 1-3
Evasion Avoid Sense 1-3
Firecracker Melee Attack Speed 2-5
Friendship XP Gain 1-3
Grease Monkey Car Top Speed 2-5
Grinder Fear Reduction 1-3
Heavy Hitter Weapon Damage 1-3
Heavy Mover Weapon Damage 1-3
Heavy Sleeper Decreased Sprint Noise 2-5
Homebody First Aid Healing 1-3
Hypochondriac Police Response Time 1-3
Ice Cold Fear Reduced 1-3
Lead Foot Car Start Speed  2-5
Level Headed Overall Fear Reduction 1-3
Light Foot Reduced Fear Penalties from Darkness 2-5
Lone Wolf Break from Grab Easier 2-5
Low Profile Increased Crouching Stamina Regeneration 1-3
Man At Arms Weapon Damage 1-3
Marathon Swim Speed 2-5
Medic Repair Speed 2-5
Motorboating Swim Speed 2-5
My Dads A Cop Increased Weapon Damage as Tommy 2-5
Nerves of Steel Less Fear from Dead Body 2-5
Night Owl Less Fear Indoors 2-5
Potent Ranger Avoid Stumble  1-3
Preparedness Crouch Speed 1-3
Psychic Hiding Spot Fear Reduced 2-5
Pyro Firecrackers Stun Radius 2-5
Quiet Swimmer Swim Speed 2-5
Restful Break Grab Stamina Boost 2-5
Scout Reduced Sprint Noise  1-3
Slugger Melee Attack Speed  1-3
Sneaky Stumble Reduced 1-3
Spatial Awareness VoIP Distance 2-5
Speed Demon Sprint Speed 1-3
Sucker Punch Increased Melee Damage  1-3
Swift Attacker Increased Stun Time 1-3
Teamwork Police Response Time 1-3
Thick Skinned Escape from Traps Quicker 2-5
Thrasher Reduced Weapon Damage Taken 1-3
Tinker Boat Start Time Reduced   2-5

To see where we got the info from see this link! F13: Game Forum: Legendary Perk Bonus Stats.