Friday the 13th Game Wiki

Counselors of course have the option to try and defeat Jason. There are numerous weapons around the map, each having a different amount of damage, stun chance, and durability, so Keep in mind, Jason is an near-unstoppable opponent and even if he is down, he wont be out.

Known Weapons

  1. Axe
  2. Baseball Bat
  3. Cooking Pot
  4. Fire Poker
  5. Flare Gun
  6. Frying Pan
  7. Machete
  8. Metal Pipe
  9. Shotgun
  10. Tree Branch
  11. Wrench
  12. Wooden Plank

Jason Weapons

  1. Axe
  2. Double Bit Axe
  3. Fire Axe
  4. Machete
  5. Machete X
  6. Pick Axe
  7. Pig Splitter
  8. Shears
  9. Spear
  10. Trident (Non-Weapon Swappability.)


The Red bars in the images for the icons display the STN (Stun), DUR, (Durability), and DMG (Damage) which displays the weapons capabilities each stat is a "Chance" for a stun on Jason, how long the weapon stays before being destroyed, or how much damage it does each one varies between the Counselors Stats, and with Luck having a higher chance with said Counselors.

  • 1/4 is a Very Poor Level
  • 2/4 is a Poor Level
  • 3/4 is a Moderate Level
  • 4/4 is a High Level